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Drain cleaning

While floor drains can become clogged for the exact same reasons as sink or tub drains, there are added issues that can cause complications. As these drains are connected directly to sewage, not only are blockages potentially serious, but there can be problems cause by tree or plant roots, or foreign debris.

With floor drains, you can get quite a significant backup of debris, so we not only offer a water jetting service on top of the regular unclogging process, but we also recommend that you sign up to one of our regular maintenance plans. This is particularly helpful if you’re a commercial industry like a restaurant, because any kind of floor drain issue would result in an enforced closure until the problem is fixed, causing potentially serious amounts of lost revenue – and perhaps even a reputational impact.

Our message couldn’t be simpler: get on top of things before they get on top of you. Get in touch and find out about our scheduled maintenance service.