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Sink unblocking

Sink blockages are incredibly common, particularly in kitchens, where food, coffee grounds and debris regularly get washed down. These are the most used drains in your house and while household products may solve minor blockages, using tubular brushes to unclog your sink can often cause deeper problems as you push clogs further down the pipe.

If you notice slow drainage, don’t delay. It doesn’t get better on its own. Our skilled technicians use commercial grade cabling – called electric snake machines – to break down the toughest, deepest clogs even at awkward angles. We have machines that are built specifically to work in kitchen or bathroom sink settings, meaning we can guarantee both safety and effectiveness.

Like sinks, tubs are also among the most commonly used drains, and are at risk to threats like hair and soap scum, making them likely to clog more often than other drains. When you shower, do you notice that the water level rising another inch up our leg each day?